Kamala Harris Vice President Visits to Vegas, Economic Rescue Plan

Last Friday, Joe Biden’s new Vice-President, Kamala Harris, launched a national tour to share his economic relief package details. ทางเข้าสโบเบ็ต Las Vegas? First stop Vegas and the broader state of Nevada have, as we have written many times, taken on some of the greatest economic shocks of the COVID 19 pandemic in the USA. mmc996 คาสิโน The economy of Vegas, which is strongly linked to the large casinos, hotels, and showrooms in the area, has always been a huge blow to some kind of disturbance of tourist numbers.

White and Yellow Playing CardsIn March 2020, Governor Steve Sisolak of Nevada had to close every commercial casino and event location in Vegas. Until July of that year none opened again, and several smaller venues since did not open at all.

Unfortunately, Nevada is stuck away from online casino like it does from the other countries that are increasingly legalising online gaming (and having record returns). This meant that operators had few other revenue sources to fall on, so the unemployment rate in Nevada rocked as a consequence of closures. The record high in April 2020 was 28.2 percent – but in January 2021 it has since dropped to 8 percent.

Although the number of visitors is steadily recovering from almost zero, they still remain tiny. In January 2021, bookings for lodging in Vegas decreased by 60% compared to 2010. Vice-President Harris and president Biden will hope to get tourists back to improve their economic aid package.

The track back

People Playing PokerIn the Las vegan culinary academy, Governor Steve Sisolak joined VP Harris and DC Steven Horsford to train chefs who go to some of the city’s best restaurants, casinos and hotels. We know that with the latest US rescue plan passage, more aid is already being sent to the people of Nevada. Together with our federal and local allies we will continue to work to slow down the spread of COVID-19 to help get our nation back on track,” said Mr. Sisolak to the gathered audience.

This is going to be the government’s work, when you’re struggling, if you need money, if you need a little amount of help to get through a moment of tragedy that you didn’t make,” said VP Harris.

The Culinary School in Las Vegas has transformed its ballroom into an emergency food warehouse that tells you how bad it was over the last year in Nevada With an American Rescue Plan we’ll crush this plague, and we’ll build it up healthier, said Horsford, Congressman.

The future of a Brighter

Biden fears that his democratic counterpart Obama, according to insiders from Capitol Hill, has not sell his economic ambitions to America well enough. The tour of Kamala Harris and the Economic Recovery Act are the first steps the current President has taken to change the situation. Federal State funding of $2.9 billion and an additional US$945 million will definitely support local grassroots efforts.

However, in Washington, not one Republican voted for the relief bill, citing worries about “blown” law and the prospect of a dark part of the bill preventing states which approve money from launching potential tax cuts.


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